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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Kauai

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Welcome to our sound temple on the beautiful island of Kaua’i!

We specialize in “tools for transformation”. We offer a large selection of singing crystal bowls by Crystal Tones® allowing you to experience a variety of bowls in-person in a beautifully designed meditative space. Our 1200 square-foot space is designed to display the bowls artfully and provides a comfortable place to experiment with sound and to try different combinations of tones. A large central area of the shop is left open for demonstrations and classes. Our shop has great acoustics; comfortable chairs a serene ambiance and ample room to play large sets of bowls to experience the harmonics.

Join us at Crystal Bowl Camp!

Haena, Kaua’i

September 17-22, 2017

New moon and fall equinox on Kaua’i


Crystal Bowl Camp Webpage:


Do you hear Kauai calling you home?  

Come swim in her waters.  Dream under her stars.  Breathe in her scented breeze.  Walk barefoot on her land. Drink from her springs. Taste aloha.


We invite you to join us in a rare opportunity to surround yourself with the healing energies of Kaua’i for six intimate days and five magical nights while immersing yourself in Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls on Kauai’s legendary north shore. Join Crystal and Robert Lober for a mystical journey exploring Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.  

Acquire a comprehension and awareness of these powerful beings.  Each day and evening we will expand our knowledge with these transformational tools of sound with a lot of hands-on bowl playing supported and nurtured by this beautiful island.


We will live, learn and create in our own Hawaiian village of sound.  This camp-style retreat will be very relaxed.  Just steps away from the warm tropical water of Tunnels Beach, near a deserted ancient Lemurian valley with beautiful waterfalls, gardens, caves and cool streams with freshwater pools to explore.  Stargazing every night as the warm breeze dances around you.  Nature will be your guide into your journey with these jewels of sound.  Experience the pure bliss of alchemy crystal singing bowls in this ancient place of remembering,

Our venue, Camp Naue holds a special place in the hearts of Kauai residents and visitors alike.  With its beachfront bunkhouse style accommodations, shaded tenting area, camp dining room and bathhouses, Camp Naue has offered a special place for community gatherings since 1926. We honor the tradition of old Kauai by keeping it simple and relaxed offering an authentic experience of this place.

Our dream is that upon completion of this experience, you journey back to your homes, carrying with you a new understanding of sound, creating a world village of sound practitioners-- a way of inspiring humanity with the sacred harmonies of love, light and sound. 


5330 Koloa Road
Koloa, Kauai, Hawaii

Located in the courtyard of the “Old Koloa Town Shops”

Daily from 11am to 5pm and by appointment

We frequently host evening sound sessions/workshops and classes join our mailing list on our website to receive notice of events.


Phone: (808) 651-9954