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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Victoria, BC

Luminous Tones Music

Music for Health and Harmony

It would be a delight to welcome you to my Sound Sanctuary and Healing Studio, on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. I specialize in using sound, music and chant for well-being.

I've been using Crystal Tones® singing bowls since 2010, and I can honestly say its been a life-changing journey for myself and my clients.  The exquisite Alchemy™ quartz crystal bowls are amazingly beautiful sound healing tools.  Their pure, captivating tones help you de-stress more deeply and rapidly than years of meditation. They open a gateway to profound transformation on all levels--emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. They help reduce stress, alleviate pain, balance chakras, heal chronic illnesses, clear trauma and abuse, move beyond depression, discern purpose, calm children and improve mental clarity. People consistently describe them as "magic"! 

The best way to choose a bowl is by hearing and feeling their live vibrations. I have large selection that you can try. I’m also available worldwide for consultations and purchases via phone and Skype.

Each bowl is as unique as you are. I'll personally consult with you to help you find bowls that capture your heart, match your needs, and are within your price range. Plus I'll give you a free bowl-playing lesson with each purchase ($100 value).  

To support you in learning about crystal singing bowls, Kassay offers:

- 3-Day Training Institute -"Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and Sacred Sound"
- Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sales -Unique Sets
- Free Crystal Bowl Concerts
- Meditation CD's and Videos
- Individual and Group Sound Therapy
- Private Instruction
Gift certificates are available. These bowls make soul-nourishing gifts!
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Kaasay (Nancy A. Watters) is an expert Sound Therapist, Reiki Master and Registered Clinical Counsellor from the Tlingit Wooshkitan Eagle Clan. She is known for her angelic vocals that blend with the sound of quartz crystal singing bowls. Since 1996 she has been avidly studying sacred chant with specialists from Buddhist, Baha'i, Christian, Hindu, Aboriginal, Jewish, and Sufi traditions. Audiences worldwide appreciate her soul-stirring soundscapes that incorporate crystal singing bowls, overtone chant, African Djembe, native flute, and other world instruments.

Address: Yale Street, Victoria (Oak Bay neighborhood), British Columbia, Canada 
Hours: By appointment