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& CDs by Renee Brodie

The Book of Stones
A 2006 COVR Award Winner!



    Crystal Tones Rose Quartz bowls were recently featured prominently in an Elle Canada March 2006 feature article on sound healing entitled Sweet Harmony. Feature writer Dana Tye interviewed a number of Canadian sound therapists and spoke with Crystal Tones for details regarding Alchemy crystal bowl therapy. Internationally acclaimed sound masters Steven Halpern and Jonathan Goldman of the United States were also featured with CDs and a sound healing video.

Dana Tye wrote, " The latest mind-body treatments turn to the ancient practice of sound healing....using singing bowls and vibrational therapy to break the stress cycle......Ethereal highs attained by striking or rubbing bowl rims have struck a chord with the general public, starting, of course with the likes of Robin Wright Penn, Demi Moore and Mariel Hemingway, says William Jones, co-owner and founder of Crystal Tones in Salt Lake City."

For additional information or reprints, contact Elle Canada at

Special thanks to Elle's Contributing Health Editor Dana Tye and Associate Beauty and Health Editor Allison Garwood-Jones.

The Rose Quartz Series

Healing Love and Light!

A fusion of natural rose quartz and pure quartz crystal, this bowl is a high-quality and natural quartz and gemstone blend with no chemicals or dyes.

The soothing and healing qualities of Rose Quartz are well known. It's natural affinity for love makes it a wonderful Heart Chakra tool. The vibrational energies of Rose Quartz are powerful while not over-powering, flowing gently through our auric fields and helping to erase emotional traumas, release blockages and return us to a natural state of childlike wonder.

Available in one-of-a-kind rose quartz shades from palest pink to rose coral.



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