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This iridescent bowl calls for the divine masculine to come into grace with the emergence of the feminine. As the harmonics coordinate the masculine to move into the grace of wholeness, alignment of the two bodies in that frequency promote a clearing of emotion and the activation of a deep awareness of the inner light, the Central Sun. The Sunstone alchemy nurtures joy and a balancing of the mind, increasing vitality, courage and and optimism. As a sonic penetration of the dimensional masculine body, Sunstone is a catalyst for the masculine to evolve toward graceful integration with the feminine, allowing one to stand without ego, to embrace the nurturing aspects of the divine mother. Sunstone teaches leadership skills. It offers clarity when making decisions and generates deep empathy, allowing father to nurture and mother to hunt. As awareness increases, roles will evolve, and this ability to act in accordance with our higher consciousness will assure that our decisions affect others in more positive ways. Self-discipline, humility, empowerment, and wisdom are also byproducts of this powerful alchemy. (Enhance Sunstone with: Mother of Platinum, Diamond, Moldivate, and Citrine.)

Sunstone Alchemy™


6" Sunstone Flat Base


7" Sunstone Flat Base


8" Sunstone Flat Base


9" Sunstone Flat Base


10" Sunstone Flat Base


Please Note: All singing bowls are shipped with a suede mallet and O-Ring.