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Crystal Tones and Shirai on UK Tour June 21-25, 2006
Vibrational Music for Body and Soul

William Jones, founder of Crystal Tones Crystal Singing Bowls, will tour five cities in the United Kingdom with Shirai, a Barcelona-based group known for its exquisitely beautiful healing music. They will introduce a profound "crystal vibe" to the United Kingdom. Jones will give crystal bowl workshops and be part of the touring ensemble concerts at churches in Bristol, London, Glastonbury, Brighton and Totnes, UK. The performances will blend the sounds of crystal bowls and crystal didgeridoos with human voices and other percussive instruments for a musical journey of wellbeing and evocatively fresh harmonics that soothe and lift spirits. The performances create balance and a celebration of the Divine.


Dates for concerts and crystal bowl workshops are:
Wednesday, June 21, 7:45 PM -St. Gregory's Church, Bristol
Thursday, June 22, 7:30 PM - St. James Church, London
Friday, June 24, 8 PM - St. Mary's Church
Sunday, June 25, 7:30 PM -St. Mary's Church, Totnes

Shirai will introduce ARCADIA, the group's latest CD, during the tour and Crystal Tones alchemy bowls will be prominently featured in performances and special bowl workshops in each city. Crystal Tones is primary tour sponsor. Shirai continues to receive rave reviews in Europe for their awe-inspiring crystal sound. Shirai supports the crystalline healing bridge to Europe and peace and unity for all.

Pure quartz alchemy bowls featured on the tour and in the workshops include award winning Rose Quartz and Amethyst, 24-K Gold Therapeutic, Platinum, Citrine, Ruby, Laughing Buddha and 24-K Gold Frosted and Platinum Frosted Classic bowls. Drs. Andrew Weil and Mitchell Gaynor work with Crystal Tones and sound masters Steven Halpern and Jonathan Goldman play and record a wide variety of Crystal Tones bowls which are enthusiastically embraced around the globe. Crystal bowls will be available for purchase each location.

Ashana Lobody of Santa Fe,
New Mexico, USA, solos during each concert, showcasing her considerable vocal and sound healing talents. Her debut release - ALL IS FORGIVEN - continues to receive high praise from reviewers, encouraging heart to mind journeys of all who experience her angelic voice and bowls.


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