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Crystal Singing Bowl Books
& CDs by Renee Brodie

The Book of Stones
A 2006 COVR Award Winner!


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Greetings !!! I have been purchasing and performing with the Crystal Bowls and equipment that I have purchased from Crystal Tones for the past 4 years. Their presence in my life has been a Godsend. Their vision and how it has manifested is apparent in my life. I am successfully performing and bringing my healing sounds and vibrations to locations all over the world. I truly believe that the wonderful staff at Crystal Tones has created a monumental affect upon the transformation going on in this world. I have truly enjoyed their courtesy, punctuality and and professionalism. Thank you for all of your efforts and wishing continuing abundance and bliss,

Jay S Schwed, aka 'The Song of The Healing Crystal Bowls'
(see Jay here in the Bowl Gallery)

Dear Crystal Tones,
Thank you so much for the books - I am in bliss with my bowls and books.

I just received the singing bowl yesterday! As I pulled it from the box, I was really taken with the visual beauty before I even heard it resonate.. Thank you for sending such a large size! When I strike it, it makes a beautiful sort of church bell gong which radiates outward and fills the room....

My love and thanks,

I enjoyed speaking with you yesterday. Thanks for being so helpful. Here are a few things I'm doing with my crystal bowls: I have a 6"Aqua 24K Gold Bowl in a high C note that I have found to be very helpful with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. I sound it over the affected area then sound my low C bowl along with it and it helps reduce the pain, swelling and redness.

I then fill the bowl 1/3 full with good quality water and sound the bowl and watch the patterns of sound moving thru the water. I wait until it 'fixes' which you will know when you see it. My clients are fascinated by the process and can see when that happens because it's obvious. Then I have them drink the water.

I had one client who came in covered with hives and his hands were swollen and red and hot. He also had hives in his throat. I made the water in my gold bowl and had him drink it before we began our session. Then I did energy work and bowl work with him and made sure that I used both my C bowls at the finish. At the end of the session, his hands were lo longer red and swollen, and most of the hives were gone, including the ones in his throat.

Karen G