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Crystal Singing Bowls
Alchemy Series Bowls
  Solid Gold Classic Frosted
  Solid Platinum Classic Frosted
  The Solid Gold Series
  The Aqua 24K Gold Series
  The Ocean 24K Gold Series
  The White Gold Alchemy Series
  The Solid Silver Series
  The Tibetan Quartz Series
  The Platinum Series
  The Mother of Platinum Series
  The Moldavite Series
  The Rose Quartz Series
  Smoky Quartz
  Laughing Buddha
  The Androgynous Indium Series
  The Color Therapy Series
  The Egyptian Blue Series
  The Indigo Clear Series
  The Ocean Indium Violet Series
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Crystal Singing Bowl Books
& CDs by Renee Brodie

The Book of Stones
A 2006 COVR Award Winner!


The Crystal Tones Video Guide to the Bowls
We have recorded a series of short video guides to help you learn more about the bowls. The movies are in Quicktime Format and you will need
the free Quicktime player to see them.

Click the links below to download and view the videos.

How to play your bowl (6.2MB)
QuickTime format, broadband

How to play your bowl(3.5 MB)
QuickTime format, All

Tools of Intention (3.8 MB)
QuickTime format, All

The Practitioner Bowl(6.5 MB)
QuickTime format, broadband

About Your Guide:

Michelle Copeland is a Spiritual Intuitive, Interfaith minister, Reiki Master & Sound Therapist.

A personal note to you from Michelle:

"May you join with me bringing Crystal Singing Bowls to our world, bridging our Hearts as we sing our song."