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Crystal Singing Bowl Temple - Seattle

Seattle Sound Temple 

Seattle Sound Temple

Seattle Sound Temple, founded in 2015 by Sound Medicine Practitioner, Irene Iris Ingalls, is a unique space devoted to Sound Medicine and experimentation. Irene created Seattle Sound Temple to share her interest and excitement in the deeply transformative nature of sound.

By creating a space that is, at once, a retail showroom for exquisitely beautiful Crystal Tones singing bowls, an alternative health care  center and a performance space for sound experimentation, Irene brings the only space of its kind to Seattle and the Northwestern US. Irene developed Seattle Sound Temple as a place to share with others the beautiful and transcendent qualities of Crystal Tone Singing Bowls, tools that Irene uses in her sound medicine practice.

As a retail showroom, the Temple serves as a place where  Crystal Tones Singing Bowls can be played and experienced by visitors so they may choose the perfect bowl(s) for themselves. Private consultations are by appointment. 

 As a space for exploring alternative healing treatments, the Temple offers private  sound medicine sessions, weekly community sound baths and private group sessions, available throughout the week by appointment.

As a performance space, Seattle Sound Temple host events, performances and workshops that focus on sound medicine, sound experimentation, healing modalities and the esoteric arts.

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