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Los Angeles Crystal Bowl Temple 

Crystal Cadence was founded in 2016 by opera singer and Professor of Voice Jeralyn Glass as a place of Sacred Sound Healing.

Cadence as defined by Webster is 'a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language or recurring sounds in nature.'

Perhaps now more than ever, there exists a constant and dynamic flow of change in our lives. Integrating the use of sound, we may create continuous conscious cadences- crystalline cadences, releasing old patterns which no longer serve us, allowing new vibrational patterns of ourselves; more resonant; a deeper, more authentic expression of our true inner music. Our essence in vibration. A Crystal Cadence.





In Jeralyn's words, 

'From a very young age, I have been acutely aware of the healing power of music. Music is the universal language, and the human voice, the most personal of all instruments because it's resonance creates a direct communication with the heart. I have been blessed to spend my life in the performing arts, enjoying an international career as a singer and teacher. It is a privilege and a great joy to share my gifts and to guide my students and clients in discovering their own true voice and their magnificence. It is my pleasure to share the exquisite, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls and their very special high vibrational sound. They are instruments of Healing, instruments of the Heart.

 In 2008, I received a gift of Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. I was immediately taken with their purity and clarity. I used them for myself, my family and my students. They helped open blockages, relieved stress and enhanced freedom of expression. My son loved their magic and as he went through his voice change during the semifinals of a national singing contest, their frequencies gave him a stability which enabled him to sing beautifully and healthily as he shifted to his 'grown up' sound. We shared so many things including fascination with nature, gemstones and our love of music. 

On March 27, 2015, my life changed forever. I lost my only child, my beloved son 19 years old. My world was shaken to the very core. Nothing made sense anymore, Nothing. Everything I believed about life was in question. Never had I imagined that one day music and sound would be my emotional stability through such unimaginable loss. Life became a journey of negotiating profound grief, and music and sound vibration became the healing path through that anguish. When I am frozen in grief, when I am overwhelmed by loss and sadness, the bowls offer me comfort and friendship. Their vibrations and frequencies ground and protect me. The incredible beauty of their tones soothes, comforts and brings peace, acceptance, hope and healing. The infused gemstones add their unique magic to the vibrational mix. A wondrous gift of alchemy. A crystalline cadence.The luminescent pathways the sound creates are indescribable, profoundly transforming my darkness to radiance. Morphing my despair to love and acceptance. A journey of healing, of release, a journey of heart, soul, vibration and frequency. Beyond words. Beyond understanding. Sound. Very sound. Whatever is longing to shift in you, to open, to express, to release or to transform, I look forward to sharing these beautiful sonic tools with you. Crystal Cadence.

Music of the Heart.

 In light and love,



At Crystal Cadence you may experience:

Transformational Voice Lessons

Private Crystal Alchemy Bowl Sound Healing

Amethyst Activation with Crystal Singing Bowls and Amethyst bed

Bowl Prescriptions- find your 'Bowl Mate' enjoy the magic of discovering which bowl or set of bowls are for you.

Sacred Crystal Alchemy Sounding Circles

Regular Sounding Circles for Cancer Patients

Monthly Sounding Circles for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Special Sacred Sounding Circles for Easing Grief and Pain

Crystal Cadence offers private groups and special events at various in/outdoor locations in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.

Over 300 gorgeous Crystal Tones Alchemy™ Crystal Singing Bowls are on display in the Crystal Cadence Sound Temple located in Los Angeles near the International Airport.


Please contact us at:


Facebook @crystalsingingbowlslosangeles

Photo credits: Tanya Malott (location) & Gregerson Photography (studio)