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Personal Power
A member of the quartz family, Citrine combines a joyful, cohesive golden yellow energy of pure quartz frequencies that align root and solar plexus chakras. Citrine dissipates and transmutes negative energies while purifying and balancing auric fields. A legendary "merchant's stone," Citrine helps expand/ maintain wealth. The Citrine Bowl, a catalyst for excellent communication, mental acuity and new beginnings, enhances optimism, balance, initiative and personal power.

Listen to the sound made by Citrine Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Please note that these samples were recorded in a professional sound studio. Due to wide variations in the bowls, sound recordings and other variables, your bowl may not sound similar.

Citrine Alchemy™


6" Citrine Flat Base


7" Citrine Flat Base


Please Note: All singing bowls are shipped with a suede mallet and O-Ring.